About us

Fruvita is located in the best known fruit growing region in Serbia. The Danube River and infinite gentle hills of fertile land contributed to centuries-old fruit growing tradition of Smederevo and  Grocka region with fruit quality that is world famous. Peach and apple are the best known fruit cultures, and in addition to this, the region is famous for its plum, cherry, apricot and pear production.

Fruvita was founded in 2003 and today owns two state of the art production facilities, both located in the most famous fruit-growing region in the country and surrounded by expansive orchards. Thanks to its unique location, Fruvita always processes fresh fruit and turns them into highest-quality juices.

The latest production line Rossi & Catelli for making fruit puree and a unique line for squeezing fresh fruit by Flottweg can be found in the village of Kolari.

In the village of Lunjevac is a plant for the production of final products using the latest KHS aseptic line for bottling highest-quality juices in PET packaging, the Combibloc line for bottling fruit juices in cardboard packaging and the SBC line for carbonated drinks.

The highest production standards

Fruvita complies with the highest standards in the production process. It only processes the highest quality domestic fruits from the smederevsko-grocanski region under aseptic conditions, in production lines from the most eminent manufacturers. Fruvita preserves this high level of quality in accordance with international standards: HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, FSSC 22000 and Fruvita’s internal System quality and food safety policy.

Quality control

The health and safety of Fruvita’s products is ensured by the everyday professional checks of final products, raw materials and packaging in internal physicochemical and microbiological laboratories, where analyses take place in accordance with the plans of admission, processing and final control/examination.

Quality improvement

With the constant development and innovation of the production program, Fruvita challenges the market and offers customers quality that is always one step ahead. Fruvita created a category of drinks with fruit content where it has remained a market leader to this day. Fruvita was the first to offer 100% fruit juices that are not made from concentrate, as well as premium quality in PET packaging. This is why Fruvita is the only growing premium brand on the Serbian market for the second year in a row.

The direct pressed fresh fruit

– This processing includes only ripe, healthy and undamaged fresh fruit. The line has an emphasised seasonal work character, which starts with the ripening of the first fruit in May and usually ends in November.

-Selected, washed and ground fruit arrives at the continuous belt pressing machine, where the squeezed juice is extracted.

-After that comes the pasteurisation of the fresh, squeezed juice and filling into aseptic

The production of fruit puree

– Fruit processing using the cold extraction method at low temperatures fully preserves the natural flavour, colour and precious vitamins and minerals that remain in the fruit puree.

-The additional superiority of this method is that the fruit skin and seed are removed before thermal treatment. In this way, we get fruit pulp that is free from pesticides and bitter substances in the skin and seeds.

-Pasteurisation of the fruit puree and aseptic bottling preserves the pulp for 24 months, without adding preservatives.

The production of fruit juices, nectars and drinks

The latest KHS Alfill and Combibloc lines are used for the production of fruit juices, nectars and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. Production on these lines is carried out under completely aseptic conditions. The preparation of fruit juices, nectars and drinks is followed by flash pasteurisation and bottling in PET or Combibloc packaging. The inspection of the final product, which is performed by Fruvita’s technologists in internal laboratories, is followed by the pasteurisation process, which ensures the durability of the product. Then the final product is bottled, still under aseptic conditions, in PET or Combibloc packaging.

The production of carbonated drinks

The production and bottling of refreshing carbonated drinks in PET packaging is carried out on the SBC line. The cooled drinks, after being mixed with water and carbon dioxide, are transported to the filler via a pipeline, where they are fed into bottles. This is followed by pasteurisation. The filled bottles are sealed, dated, labelled and packed.