Product Category: Only Fruit & nothing else

Only Fruit & nothing else

Fruvita plant is in the centre of Smederevo and Grocka region, the most famed fruit growing region in our country. It is surrounded by immense orchards and vineyards from which, at the beginning of the season which starts already in May, just ripened fruits arrive at the plant and are processed while still fresh. Processing lasts until November when the queen of our juices – Fruvita fresh squeezed apple & nothing else closes the season.

Apples are special because we get juice from them by directly pressing healthy fruits and such fresh squeezed juice is poured into Fruvita juice bottles without any further processing. Fresh squeezed apple juice at the same time is the base from which we make juices without adding any water to other cloudy flavors – peach, apricot, sour cherry and pear.

Finally, Fruvita juices are manufactered in aseptic conditions which allow the fruit juice only to be shortly pasteurized and poured into final packaging with no preservatives added. That is why our Fruvita is ONLY FRUIT & NOTHING ELSE!

The fact that our Fruvita Fresh squeezed apple & nothing else got the highest marks at the “Superior Taste Award“ competition having received the maximum three stars awarded only to superior taste and quality producers speaks volumes about the excellence of this product.

Product Category: Only Fruit & nothing else